should i carry a pocketknife

Should I Carry a Pocketknife?

Should I carry a pocketknife? This question may arise when considering the relevance of taking a small folding knife in today's 21st-century world. While the answer may seem straightforward, let's delve deeper into why people have been toting these versatile tools for centuries. Despite the advancements in electronic gadgets and a shift away from self-sufficiency, the value of a pocketknife still needs to be improved. So, in this article, we'll explore why carrying a pocketknife is not only a practical choice but also a timeless tool that transcends the modern era of fancy gadgets and fosters a sense of self-reliance.

Should I Carry a Pocketknife?

The Importance of Being Prepared

In a world of uncertainties, it's essential to be prepared for various situations. Carrying a pocketknife allows you to protect yourself and others, fix broken items, and tackle everyday tasks without always relying on external assistance. While seeking help when needed is commendable, having the self-sufficiency to handle basic challenges is a valuable skill. A knife blade, crafted and wielded by humans throughout history, serves countless purposes and provides immense versatility. Although specialized tools may be better suited for specific tasks, a pocketknife can be surprisingly adept at getting the job done in unexpected situations. Life often throws unforeseen challenges our way, and a pocketknife acts as a safeguard, ensuring you can handle a multitude of contingencies. Instead of carrying an array of tools, a pocketknife becomes your reliable everyday-carry gear, capable of assisting you in various situations.

The Versatility of a Good Pocketknife

A pocketknife can be your faithful companion in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you're engaging in leisure pursuits, cooking, repairing, or facing life-saving scenarios, a pocketknife proves its worth. It's no wonder that many individuals feel incomplete without one. Let's explore some of the uses of a pocketknife, offering a glimpse into its capabilities. While some applications align perfectly with a pocketknife's design, others may require specialized tools. However, a pocketknife can rescue when precision is not paramount during unexpected emergencies.

Before we delve into the applications, a word of caution: It's important to handle your pocketknife with care. A momentary lapse can result in cuts or injuries even for the delicate operations mentioned below. So, as a responsible knife owner, keep the blade sharp and remain mindful when wielding it.

Around the House

A pocketknife proves invaluable when processing mail, opening letters, and tackling stubborn, heavily sealed packages. It effortlessly removes staples, sharpens pencils, cuts wires or cords, and extracts batteries that refuse to budge. In a pinch, the blade's tip, edge, or spine can drive or remove screws and extract nails. If your waistband needs adjustment, your pocketknife can help you create new holes in your belt. And with a touch of finesse, you can even use your trusty jack-knife to crack open a bottle.

In the Kitchen

While professional kitchen knives are ideal, a pocketknife can be a surprisingly effective culinary tool. From slicing onions and peeling apples to filleting fish and deboning meat, a pocketknife proves its worth when standard kitchen knives are unavailable, or you seek convenience.

In the Woods & Around the Campsite

While we highly recommend including fixed-blade knives in your camping arsenal, a pocketknife still holds immense value in the great outdoors. It can even act as a substitute when your fixed-blade knife goes missing. Anglers can rely on a pocketknife to prepare bait, mend fishing lines, and gut and clean their catches. Hunters can use it to skin small game, and foragers find it indispensable when mushrooming. When setting up camp, a relatively small jack-knife can prove impressively capable. You can fray twig ends or bark to create flammable fuel, cut small branches for kindling, and even use a locking blade to split firewood with a makeshift mallet.

In an Emergency

In dire situations, a pocketknife can be a literal lifesaver. As mentioned earlier, it can be used to fashion a tourniquet or quickly start a survival fire. If you find yourself trapped in a car on fire or submerged in water, your pocketknife's sawing ability can help you cut through a seatbelt or break a window, especially if it has a glass-breaker feature. A pocketknife has countless potential uses in a wilderness emergency, from constructing shelters to carving spears and fashioning snares. Additionally, a pocketknife can be employed as a self-defense weapon, providing quick deployment and ease of use in unforeseen circumstances.


Considering the timeless utility and versatility of pocketknives, it is clear that carrying one is not just a matter of preference but a practical choice. It empowers you to navigate everyday challenges, unexpected situations, and emergencies with confidence and self-reliance. So, equip yourself with a pocketknife such as the MagBlade Magnetic Knife or TiSlide Titanium Knife available at DailyCarryCo and embrace the countless possibilities it offers as your steadfast companion in the 21st century and beyond.

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