what is in a lock pick set

What Is In a Lock Pick Set?

What is in a lock pick set? If you've ever been curious about the intriguing world of lock picking or have a genuine interest in locksmithing, you might have wondered about the contents of a lock pick set. A lock pick set is a collection of specialized tools carefully crafted to manipulate the intricate mechanisms within locks. These sets are used by locksmiths, security professionals, and lock enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of lock systems, enhance security measures, or, in some cases, address lock-related issues. So, let's explore the fascinating components that make up a typical lock pick set.

Advantages of Owning a Lock Pick Set

Owning a lock pick set can offer several advantages for individuals interested in lock picking or those seeking to improve their understanding of lock mechanisms and security systems. While it's important to note that lock pick sets should be used responsibly and ethically, there are a few key advantages to consider:

  • Enhancing Knowledge and Skills: A lock pick set provides a hands-on opportunity to explore the intricate workings of locks. Individuals can better understand lock mechanisms, pin configurations, and other security features by using the various tools in the background. This knowledge can be valuable for locksmiths, security professionals, or anyone interested in learning about locks.
  • Practical Applications: Lock pick sets can be invaluable when lockouts or lost keys occur. Having the necessary skills and tools to safely and efficiently unlock a door can save time, money, and frustration. However, it's important to note that attempting to pick locks without proper authorization is illegal and unethical.
  • Improving Security Measures: By understanding how locks function and their potential vulnerabilities, individuals with lock pick sets can help improve security measures. Identifying weaknesses in locks or evaluating the effectiveness of security systems can offer valuable insights and recommendations for enhancing overall security.
  • Professional Development: For locksmiths and security professionals, owning a lock pick set is often a necessity for their line of work. These professionals must stay updated with evolving lock technologies and be prepared to address various lock-related challenges. A lock pick set enables them to gain practical experience, improve their skills, and provide efficient and effective services to their clients.
  • Recreational and Educational Purposes: Lockpicking can be a fascinating hobby and a means of intellectual stimulation. It requires patience, focus, and skill, making it an engaging and challenging pursuit. Lock pick sets allow enthusiasts to explore the art of lock picking, participate in lock sports competitions, and engage in a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for locks and security.

However, it's crucial to remember that lock pick sets should never be used for unlawful activities or unauthorized access. The possession and use of lock pick sets should always align with local laws and regulations to ensure ethical and responsible practices.

What Is In a Lock Pick Set?

Short Hook

A short hook is a fundamental tool found in a lock pick set. It consists of a slender, slightly curved piece of metal with a hook-shaped end. This pick is used to manipulate individual pins within a lock cylinder. By gently lifting and working the nails, the short hook allows a locksmith or a skilled lock picker to gradually set each pin to the correct height, aligning them within the shear line and eventually unlocking the lock.

Long Hook

Complementing the short hook is the long hook, which serves a similar purpose but with slight variations in design. The long clip features an extended handle and a longer, more pronounced curve at the tip. This pick is handy when dealing with locks that have deeper keyways or complex mechanisms.

Snake Rake ("S" Rake)

The snake rake, often called the "S" rake, is a versatile tool used in lock pick sets. Its design resembles a wavy snake-like pattern with multiple peaks and valleys. When inserted into a lock cylinder, the snake rake moves across the pins rapidly, imitating the motion of a key being inserted and rotated. This rapid movement helps to jostle and manipulate the pins simultaneously, often resulting in the successful picking of certain lock types, such as pin tumbler locks.

Single Ball

A single ball pick is a specialized tool that manipulates locks with dimple pins. Dimple pins are pins with holes or depressions on their surface, requiring a specific picking technique. The single ball pick has a small ball-shaped tip that fits into the dimple, allowing the locksmith or lock picker to lift and manipulate the pin to its correct position. This tool is commonly used in high-security locks with dimple pin configurations.

Double Ball

Theuble ball pick is designed for dimple pin locks like the single ball pick. However, it differs in that it features two ball-shaped tips at the end, allowing for the simultaneous manipulation of two dimple pins. The double ball pick enhances efficiency by reducing the time required to pick a lock with multiple dimple pins, making it a valuable tool for locksmiths and experienced lock pickers.

Jagged Rake ("C" Rake)

The jagged rake, often called the "C" rake due to its shape, is a popular tool for lock picking. It features a rough edge with multiple small peaks along its curvature. When inserted into a lock cylinder and moved back and forth rapidly, the mountains of the jagged rake engage with the pins, providing a picking motion that can help set the pins at the shear line. The "C" rake is versatile and practical for various lock types.

Small Half-Diamond

A small half-diamond pick is a versatile tool that finds its utility in manipulating a wide range of lock mechanisms. Shaped like a half-diamond, this pick effectively reaches and uses individual pins within a lock cylinder. Its size allows for precision and control, making it a staple in many lock pick sets. Whether a standard pin tumbler locks or a wafer lock, the small half-diamond pick is often the go-to tool for locksmiths and lock enthusiasts.

Large Half-Diamond

Like its smaller counterpart, a sizeable half-diamond pick is a staple tool in lock pick sets. With an elongated and broader shape, the sizeable half-diamond choice provides enhanced reach and control. It is beneficial when dealing with locks with deep or wide keyways, allowing more efficient manipulation of pins. A large half-diamond pick is a versatile tool that can handle various lock types.

Jagged Snake Rake ("L" Rake)

The jagged snake rake, often referred to as the "L" rake due to its shape, combines the functionality of a snake rake with the added benefits of the jagged edges. This tool allows for rapid back-and-forth movement, engaging multiple pins simultaneously while also providing the help of the jagged rake's peaks. The "L" rake effectively picks locks with pin tumbler mechanisms, making it a valuable addition to a lock pick set.

Broken Key Extractor

A broken key extractor is a unique tool found in lock pick sets that serves a different purpose than traditional lock picks. As the name suggests, it extracts broken keys from lock cylinders. When a key breaks inside a lock, removing it can be challenging without causing further damage. With its specialized design and fine-tipped hooks, the broken key extractor allows for the safe retrieval of broken key fragments, facilitating the process of repairing or replacing the lock.


Lock pick sets contain various tools designed to manipulate different lock mechanisms. While lock picking is often associated with illegal activities, it is essential to emphasize that these tools can also be used responsibly by locksmiths, security professionals, and individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge of locks and security systems. Lock pick sets are valuable resources for understanding the inner workings of locks, allowing for developing effective security measures. It is crucial to use lock pick sets responsibly and within the confines of the law, promoting ethical and legal practices in lock picking.

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