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MagBlade - Magnetic Titanium Knife

MagBlade - Magnetic Titanium Knife

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"Is This The Ultimate Titanium Magnet Knife?"

The magnetic knife only world-renowned knife makers have access to..

"The worlds most satisfying Knife"

If you've been on the hunt for the ultimate magblade magnetic titanium knife, then you've just found it!

But, I have a CONFESSION

This isn't my first time trying to design a titanium pocket knife. This final design of the MagBlade took iteration after iteration after iteration. Most machinists turned me away! Some would quote ridiculous prices to even machine this beautiful knife. Some machinists say each knife would take hours and hours of labor to make. Costing well over $500 to even get the product machined.

Super Unique Features: MagBlade Magnetic Titanium Knife

  • Magnetic Locking Mech
  • Magnetic Butterfly Hinge For Satisfying Opens
  • Gorgeous Polished Blade
  • Easily Serviceable For Lifelong Use
  • Extremely Durable Titanium Body
  • Amazing M390 Blade Material
  • Precision Machined Grade 5 Titanium Body 

If you love having the most unique pocket knife wherever you go then this is the knife for you.

Nerdy Spec Stuff🤓

  • Weight :: 95grams
  • Length Closed :: 100mm
  • Length Opened :: 170mm
  • Width :: 20mm
  • Thickness :: 11mm
  • Blade Material :: m390
  • Material :: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Warranty :: 1 Year (Just don't lose it..that's not covered under the warranty)
  • Finish :: Titanium - Sand Blasted

A MagBlade magnetic titanium knife is a unique type of knife that incorporates a magnetic locking mechanism in its design.

The blade of this knife is made from titanium, which is a lightweight and durable material, and it features a magnet in its base that secures the blade in place when it is not in use. This type of knife is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, chefs, and anyone who appreciates the convenience of a secure and easily accessible blade.

The magnetic locking mechanism also adds a touch of innovation and modernity to the design, making it a stylish and functional addition to any collection.



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