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TiSlide - Titanium Gravity Knife
TiSlide - Titanium Gravity Knife
TiSlide - Titanium Gravity Knife
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TiSlide - Titanium Gravity Knife


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Sold Out - Next Batch Ships Late November - Pre Order Today To Save Your Spot In Line

P.S. The ship date is not guaranteed.

Checkout MagSlide, TiSlide Older Brother..

This titanium gravity knife was originally made for parachutists to cut off caught lines. 

So super Bad A***s.

So no wimps, complainers, or sissies allowed.

We thought we'd make one and this is our take on it.

It took us about 18 months to design and develop.

And we think it turned out gorgeous.

Super Unique Features: TiSlide Titanium Gravity Knife 

  • Gravity Opening Mech
  • Gravity Hinge For Satisfying Opens
  • Gorgeous Polished Blade
  • Easily Serviceable For Lifelong Use
  • Extremely Durable Titanium Body
  • Amazing M390 Blade Material
  • Precision Machined Grade 5 Titanium Body
If you love having the most unique pocket knife wherever you go then this is the knife for you. The TiSlide isn’t just a knife. It's a multi-use titanium pocket knife that can be used for a truckload more than just cutting stuff.
  • letter opening
  • crevasse cleaning
  • package opening
  • cutting fruit
  • removing splinters
  • cutting hair
  • cutting someone free from a seat belt inside a burning vehicle
  • cutting off clothing tags
  • carving
  • sharpening pencils
  • cutting rope
  • cutting wire
  • can opening
  • picking locks
  • opening a keyring

Nerdy Spec Stuff🤓: The Impressive Features of TiSlide TItanium Gravity Knife 

  • Weight :: 91grams
  • Length Closed :: 100mm
  • Length Opened :: 170mm
  • Width :: 20mm
  • Thickness :: 11mm
  • Blade Material :: m390
  • Material :: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Warranty :: 1 Year (Just don't lose it..that's not covered under the warranty)
  • Finish :: Titanium - Sand Blasted 

 Why Trust Us?

I think it's important you understand the experience you will receive by supporting my Kickstarter campaign. This is NOT our first rodeo. We've been developing Titanium products for over a decade with over 15 successful projects on Kickstarter!

We have machine shops worldwide. There is no wait time. There is no figuring this out, and figuring that out... we know what we are doing. We are ready to produce TiSlide titanium gravity knife, all we need is your support!

Here are just a few of the 1000s of messages and comments we have received over the years. There are too many reviews to list, but here are a few.


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