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Frequently Asked Questions About Everyday Carry Knives

If you like to be a person of action, the first place to start is with a good knife. Everyday Carry (EDC) knives are the perfect companions for everyday adventures. EDC stands for Everyday Carry; hence an EDC knife is a knife you carry with you every day, all the time. Let us answer some common EDC knife questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Everyday Carry Knives 

  • What exactly is an EDC knife?

An EDC knife can be any knife you carry, but typically it refers to a small, lightweight knife conveniently sized to fit in your pocket. Despite its compact nature, an EDC knife is designed to handle everyday tasks such as opening packages, cutting cords, or even slicing fruit.

  • What purpose do EDC knives serve?

The purpose of an EDC knife is to be your trusty companion for everyday tasks. These knives are compact and lightweight, allowing you to car anywhere. They are versatile and durable, ready to assist you in any situation.

  • Why do I need an EDC knife?

Carrying an EDC knife offers a multitude of benefits beyond self-defense. From opening Amazon packages to cutting strings, removing splinters, or opening stubborn plastic packaging, an EDC knife proves its worth in numerous daily tasks. Consider this: carrying a small folding knife is far more convenient than having around a pair of scissors. Imagine all the tasks that can be accomplished with a knife other than just cutting paper. In most cases, a knife is a more sensible choice.

  • What are the advantages of carrying an EDC knife?

The advantages of carrying an EDC knife are plenty. Firstly, having one on your person ensures you're always prepared for unexpected situations. Whether it's a loose thread or a tricky piece of tape, your EDC knife will be within reach, ready to assist. Moreover, EDC knives excel in various tasks, such as opening boxes or cutting rope, making them versatile tools. Some EDC knives even offer features like serrated blades or puncturing tips, increasing their effectiveness for self-defense if needed.

  • What are the different types of EDC knives?

The most common type of EDC knife is the folding knife, where the blade neatly folds into the handle, making it compact and easy to carry. Alternatively, there are fixed-blade knives, which are generally larger and heavier, making them less convenient for everyday carry.

  • What size of knife is ideal for EDC?

The best EDC knife is the one that suits your specific needs and preferences. As the saying goes, "The best knife is the one you have with you." However, it's essential to consider local knife laws before selecting. Generally, a good EDC knife blade length ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 inches. Remember, individual requirements vary, with some people favoring smaller knives for everyday carry, while others opt for larger ones for utility or self-defense. It's worth noting that many EDC enthusiasts agree that bigger is only sometimes better when it comes to EDC knives. Large knives can be cumbersome and difficult to carry discreetly, impeding quick deployment during emergencies.

  • How do I choose the best EDC knife for myself?

Understanding your needs and lifestyle is the key to selecting the perfect EDC knife. Consider how you'll use the knife and which features are most important. Pay attention to factors such as ease of opening, how the knife feels in your hand, and its size, especially to local knife laws. It's crucial to test the blade, ensuring it performs well and feels comfortable under pressure. After all, there's nothing worse than realizing a knife isn't suitable for your needs when you're already in the field.

  • What distinguishes a pocket knife from an EDC knife?

An EDC knife is a knife you carry with you daily for general use. While a pocket knife falls under the category of EDC knives, not all EDC knives are pocket knives. Some individuals prefer carrying their EDC knives in sheaths on their belts or pouches, while others find keeping them in their pockets convenient.

  • Can a fixed-blade knife be an EDC?

You can carry a fixed-blade knife as your everyday EDC knife. A fixed-blade knife could be a practical choice for working around the house on a farm or engaging in outdoor activities. Conversely, a folding knife would draw less attention.

  • What distinguishes a "tactical knife" from an "everyday carry a knife"?

A"tactical knife" is typically larger and built to withstand heavy-duty use in potentially dangerous scenarios. On the other hand, an everyday carry knife is designed to be a versatile tool for general cutting tasks. Tactical knives often feature thicker blades, serrations, and robust handle constructions, while EDC knives tend to be slimmer, lighter, and possess smoother blade edges for more delicate work.

  • What should I consider when selecting an EDC knife?

When choosing an EDC knife, the construction and blade material quality are paramount. These factors heavily influence the knife's price but also impact cutting ability, edge retention, and blade strength. A well-constructed knife will feel premium compared to cheaper alternatives. However, it's important to note that an inexpensive knife can still be exceptional, as there are many sub-$50 options available.

Which EDC knife should I purchase?

DailyCarryCo offers two excellent EDC knife options: the MagBlade - Magnetic Titanium Knife and the TiSlide - Titanium Gravity Knife. These knives are meticulously crafted with premium materials to ensure durability, functionality, and an elevated everyday carry experience. Feel free to explore our selection and find the EDC titanium knife that perfectly suits your needs.


In your quest to be a proactive and prepared individual, incorporating everyday carry knives into your regular carry routine is a wise decision. With their versatility, compactness, and reliability, these EDC knives are indispensable for countless daily tasks. By selecting the right knife for your needs and preferences, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a trustworthy companion by your side. So, embrace the world of everyday carry knives and equip yourself with a tool that empowers you in every situation life throws your way.

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