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Hey Backer,

Back in 2016 we launched the very first version of the Titanium Toothpick. 

Its been so popular there have been 20+ copy cats, but no one has really been able to nail our simple design and manufacturing quality.

We’ve sold over 50,000+ toothpicks worldwide! (thank you TiPick lovers!)

It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about “titanium toothpicks”

We invented the titanium toothpick for pete's sake!

But a nagging question always haunted us.

How could we make TiPick better?

After many restless nights I came up with an answer. 


Simple in concept, but extremely complicated to execute and manufacture.

But I have good news for you.

After 7 years of toothpick manufacturing we present to you…


A magnetic titanium toothpick.

Just as amazing as all 6 generations of our titanium toothpicks...



We are happy to announce, we are now finger inclusive, supporting small fingers, and fat fingers alike.

With over 50,000+ customers worldwide we asked them what they use their titanium toothpicks for...

a common response was "for getting stuff out of my teeth"

But we were surprised by all the things people were using our titanium toothpicks for!

List of things our customers use their titanium toothpicks for

  • opening packages
  • dental cleaning
  • opening letters
  • sliver removal
  • tech cleaning
  • crevasse cleaning
  • finger nail cleaning (gross)
  • sim eject tool
  • needle puncture
  • self defense (really?)
  • eating fruit
  • needle threading
  • lock picking
  • lego figurine weapons
  • clay sculpting
  • making adjustments to jewelry
  • writing love letters in soap
  • removing staples
  • spray paint can nozzle cleaning
  • breaking into my boyfriends man cave
  • opening paint cans

The number of things people use these for was astonishing.

But I'm not really surprised, it's an extremely high end toothpick, probably the most the expensive on the market. It's machined from grade 5 titanium and is made to last a lifetime.

Nerdy Spec Stuff 🤓

MagPick Mini

  • Weight :: 2g
  • Length :: 38mm
  • Thickness :: 6mm
  • Material :: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Warranty :: Lifetime (Just don't lose it..that's not covered under the warranty)
  • Polished Finish

MagPick (Biggie)

  • Weight :: 7g
  • Length :: 50mm
  • Thickness :: 8.5mm
  • Material :: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Warranty :: Lifetime (Just don't lose it..that's not covered under the warranty)
  • Polished Finish

Why Trust Us?

I think it's important you understand the experience you will receive by supporting my Kickstarter campaign. Here are just a few messages and comments we have received over the years. MagPick is our 10th successful project across the board! There are too many reviews to list, but here are a few..

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