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MiPick - Matte Titanium / Crystal Silver Toothpick

MiPick - Matte Titanium / Crystal Silver Toothpick

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The World’s Smallest and Longest- Lasting Toothpick.

The MiPick has two components … each one is precision machined from a solid billet of Grade 5 Titanium. Less components creates a stronger, longer lasting toothpick.

MiPick Is The Smallest Reusable Toothpick Ever!

The custom-designed external casing is hands down one of the biggest features allowing this toothpick to be the smallest, most concealable reusable toothpick on the market.

A ton of testing and tweaking went into getting this size right.

Not only that, but building a toothpick this size was extremely difficult to figure out (which is probably why no one else has attempted this).

Material: GR5 Titanium

Finish: Matte Titanium or Crystal Silver

Length: 22mm

Length Opened: 30mm

Outer diameter: 6mm

Weight: ~1.5g

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