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QuickStash - Mini EDC Zipper Pouch

QuickStash - Mini EDC Zipper Pouch

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Say hello to QuickStash—the coin pouch so minimalistic, Marie Kondo is considering a partnership. This pint-sized powerhouse is the Leonardo DiCaprio of storage solutions—it may be small, but it's impossibly versatile. Do you need a place to keep your four-leaf clovers, lucky pennies, or the last remnants of your hopes and dreams? QuickStash has got you covered!

Picture this: You're at the store, and you find out they're having a BOGO deal on avocados. Avocados! But wait, you're short a few cents. No worries! Just dip into your QuickStash, and voila! Guacamole for days! This little legend can hold enough coins to make you feel like a low-budget Scrooge McDuck.

Constructed from space-age canvas woven by retired NASA astronauts, it's practically indestructible. Seriously, we tried running it over with a monster truck—it emerged unscathed and asked for seconds. You could probably put this thing in a volcano, and it would come out with a tan.

Easily attachable to keychains, belt loops, or unicorn horns, it's the perfect companion for free spirits who want to keep life simple but also want somewhere to stash their arcade tokens. So, get your QuickStash today and become the minimalistic magician you were always meant to be. One pocket, endless possibilities!


  • YKK Heavy Duty Zipper
  • 10oz Waxed Zipper
  • Handmade
  • 4in x 4in
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