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SlimPry EDC Pry Bar

SlimPry EDC Pry Bar

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SlimPry is our take on the minimalist dailycarry pry bar.

This pry bar is astonishingly lightweight yet strong enough to endure the wear and tear of daily use. Its sleek, streamlined profile makes it easy to carry daily. Its versatile pry tip permits users to unseal boxes, remove staples, or undertake other light prying duties.

SlimPry is the ultimate addition to your EDC Kit.

  • The Ultimate Keychain Tool: A Super Slim Titanium EDC PryBar
  • SUPER SLIM - This super slim titanium prybar EDC is the ultimate keychain tool, coming in at only 4.5mm thick. Making it the ultimate daily companion and E kDCit for everyday carry
  • COMFORT - Most EDC prybar are extremely uncomfortable to use, most looking very "tactical". But not very functional as a ti pry. This EDC pry tool is super comfortable to use, while still looking very sleek and sexy
  • CNC MACHINED - This may be the ultimate keychain EDC. The manufacturer precision CNC machines the pocket tool from a solid bar of Grade 5 Titanium. Ensuring it is made entirely of Titanium. They take no shortcuts during their production, resulting in a high-quality and reliable EDC gadget that is a perfect tool for everyday carry.
  • BE PREPARED - The EDC pry bar earn the title of the best EDC because it weighs the least, does not rust, and endure wear and tear. When you equip yourself with the appropriate tool for each pocket tool job, it will always provide you with satisfaction.
  • MULTI-USE - Use these everyday carry pry bars for letter opening, flat screwdriver, everyday carry, camping, cleaning, and splitting firewood. Don't forget about its EVERYDAY CARRY CLIP so you can easily carry this lousy boy every day
  • EVERYDAY CARRY CLIP - Easily carry every day without the added bulk in your pocket, this pry is so slim you will barely even notice it
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - SlimPry has a lifetime warranty. This isn't some silly gust in the wind type of warranty that requires you to jump through all these hoops to get your replacement. It's a hassle-free guarantee we stand by.
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