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Wine Tools.

They are SO boring.

So we over-engineered one.

It's the last wine tool/opener you will ever need to buy. (Unless you lose it, don't do that.)

It will also be the finest wine tool you will ever set your sweaty palms on.

It's super sexy, and should only be used by "Vino Elitists".

TiVino Super Unique Features:

  • Satisfying To Open
  • Precision Machined Grade 5 Titanium Body
  • Gorgeous Polished Finish
  • Only three parts, making it last a lifetime
  • Extremely Durable Titanium Body
  • Slightly Larger Diameter Corkscrew For Ultimate Pull
  • Incredible Bottle Opener (Multi-use), imagine pulling this out at a bar or as a waiter, people are going to ask about it

If you love having the most unique tool wherever you go then this is the tool for you!

TiVino isn't just a wine tool. It's a multi-use wine piece that can be used for a truck-load more than just opening wine.

-opening wine

-opening beer

-self defense

-conversation starter

-something to fidget with

-something to brag about

-something to get attention with

-something to give as a gift (this is a really good one)


Nerdy Spec Stuff 🤓

  • Weight :: ~160grams
  • Length :: 152mm
  • Width :: 16mm
  • Material :: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Warranty :: Lifetime (Just don't lose it..that's not covered under the warranty)
  • Finish :: Titanium - Polished

Why Trust Us?

I think it's important you understand the experience you will receive by supporting my Kickstarter campaign.

This is NOT our first rodeo.

We've been developing Titanium products for over a decade with over 15 successful product launches!

We have machine shops worldwide.

There is no wait time. There is no figuring this out, and figuring that out... we know what we are doing.

We are ready to produce TiVino, all we need is your support!

Bottom line: we know what we are doing, we design and produce extremely high quality products.


Ok.. Let's talk about rewards...

In order for me to get the TiVino into your sweaty palms... is by ensuring I can get my minimum quantity produced.

The actual cost for me to produce each TiVino is the highest a product has ever cost me to produce for these reasons:

1. The Quality of Material I use (The Very Best)

2. The time it takes to build each one of these little suckers (Very Time Intensive, more than any of my other products)

3. Current lack of quality machinists available (I only hire the best of the best)


TiVino has an unconditional money back guarantee

We take pride in ALL the products that we create and sell. The TiVino is no exception to that rule either.

If you are not satisfied with the TiVino for any reason, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

The TiVino also has a lifetime warranty, so if for any reason you break your TiVino, we will replace it no questions asked!

(Like we've said before..just don't lose it..that's not covered!

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