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Checkout TiSlide, TiSlide Is Our Titanium Body Gravity Knife..

AiSlide has Magnetic Closure!
This gravity knife was originally made for parachutists to cut off caught lines.
So super Bad A***s.
So no wimps, complainers, or sissies allowed.
We thought we'd make one and this is our take on it.
It took us about 18 months to design and develop.
And we think it turned out gorgeous.


  • Gravity Opening Mech
  • Gravity Hinge For Satisfying Opens
  • Gorgeous Polished Blade
  • Easily Serviceable For Lifelong Use
  • Extremely Durable Aluminum Body
  • Precision Machined Aluminum Body
  • If you love having the most unique pocket knife wherever you go then this is the knife for you. The AiSlide isn’t just a knife. It's a multi-use Aluminum pocket knife that can be used for a truckload more than just cutting stuff


  • Weight :: ~70grams
  • Length Closed :: 100mm
  • Length Opened :: 170mm
  • Width :: 20mm
  • Thickness :: 11mm
  • Blade Material :: 14C28N
  • Body Material :: Aluminum
  • Warranty :: 1 Year (Just don't lose it..that's not covered under the warranty)
  • Finish :: Black or Silver
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